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June 13, 2020| codeglim

Codeglim is a new-generation online marketplace.  You can submit your any HTML Based Website template or WordPress theme or bootstrap based html5 template on this marketplace to earn money. It’s a awesome marketplace for beginner level Template & Themes seller. When you submit your template, Only 7 days need to reviewed your item.

Item Submit Requirements :

  • Item must use the latest version of bootstrap. Item cannot use work-in-progress or release candidate versions.
  • Item must follow Bootstrap’s conventions for fundamental HTML elements and use the grid system.
  • Item must use and restyle Bootstrap’s components and JavaScript plugins.
  • Item SHOULD NOT implement custom components or JavaScript plugins that duplicate functionality provided by Bootstrap.
  • Item MUST NOT include pages based on Bootstrap’s example templates without sufficient modification.
  • Files and directories MUST be treated as case-sensitive.
  • Static HTML templates MUST use index.html as the filename for the index/default page.
  • HTML MUST be valid HTML5 as determined by the W3C Markup Validation Service.
  • Item MUST be completely free of JavaScript errors.
  • Markup, styles, and scripts MUST NOT be obfuscated or encrypted.
  • Third-party assets used to build your item must be properly licensed or free for commercial use
  • Item Preview Image is 800X600 Pixels, Max size 500 KB. and therefore should display properly with these dimensions.
  • Item Demo URL must be Direct link to the demo without any iframe or advertisement.

Commission Rates :

Total sales Payment rate
0-100 60%
101-500 65%
501-999 70%
1000+ 80%

Happy Selling!

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