09+ Best Marketplaces to Buy And Sell Website Template, WordPress Themes & Plugins 2020

May 1, 2019| themelamp

So, Today we’ll show you 9+ best marketplaces, that you can buy and sell your Digital products! Like: HTML5 Template, WordPress Themes, Worpress Plugins and more! So, Why late? See the all marketplace bellow. Also you can earn money with affiliate. Thank you

1. Codeglim.com


Codeglim is a new-generation online marketplace.  You can submit your any bootstrap based html5 template on their marketplace. It’s a awesome marketplace for beginner level Template & Themes. When you submit your template, Only 7 days need to reviewed your item.

2. Themeforest.net

Themeforest is a world largest and number 1 marketplace. Have lot’s of Digital item’s category where you can buy and sell your favorite CMS Products including WordPress themes, Website templates, Bootstrap themes, Drupal, Joomla, and more.

3. Mojomarketpalce.com


MojoMaketplace is a another biggest Online marketplace. This marketpalce was founded in 2009. Marketplace is a leading platform for digital goods, connecting 5.8 millions users to 7,500+ items. You can Buy and sell your any Digital item. like HTML Template, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins.

4. Wrapbootstrap.com


Wrapbootstrap is a popular bootstrap template marketplace. WrapBootstrap was launched February 2012. It’s another popular Buy & Selling Marketpalce. This amazing Marketplace owner is only one person.

5. BootstrapBay.com


BootstraBay is a premium Bootstrap Based template and themes marketplace. This is another Fast growing Bootstrap marketplace. You can sell your boostrap based any themes &  Buy bootstrap based template.

6. Codester.com


Codester is an online marketplace where developers and designers can buy and sell various ready-to-use web development assets. These include scripts, themes, templates, code snippets, app source codes, plugins and more. This is Netherlands based company.

7. Graygrids.com


graygrids is an bangladeshi company. This is another popular bootstrap marketplaces. where developers and designers can buy and sell any bootstrap based items. Also you can download free items from their marketpalce.

8. creativemarket.com


creativemarket is a another biggest online marketplace. You can open a shop and Sell almos everything, like, HTML and WordPress Themes, Fonts, Graphics and more. CreativeMarket is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world.

9. themehunt.com


Themeunt is a free online marketpalce. Where you can sell your free version of creative Bootstrap or WordPress Themes.  Then you can link to premium download to another website or your own store. Also you can Download all of their template totally free.

10. codentheme.com


CodenTheme another new generation marketpalce. Codentheme is a marketplace to buy and sell WordPress themes and plugins. Also you can sell your bootstrap based website template. Check their best themes or plugins collection.

So Just visit & check all of the marketplace website. If you like our listing, please write a review with comments. Thank you


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